Mateusz Brzeziński

Mateusz Brzeziński


I have gained many years of professional experience both in the largest Polish law firms, as well as in boutique law firms specializing in specific areas.

I gained professional practice in public procurement, both on the part of contracting authorities and economic operators. During my adventure with public procurement, I also acted as a controller of public procurement, in particular, co-financed from European funds. Such a compilation of experiences allows not only a broader view of the subject matter but also the possibility of predicting actions that the other party may take. You can count on a proactive attitude on my part – pointing out the best options, and not only threats resulting from the actions taken.

I have successfully represented many clients before the National Appeals Chamber in appeal proceedings, in particular in the field of IT systems and construction works.

In my portfolio I have participation in one of the largest and most interesting public procurement procedures in recent years, in particular:
1) Construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – value above PLN 400 million gross;
2) Delivery of 123 new trams to Warsaw (with an option of 90 trams) – value approx. PLN 1.85 billion
3) Expansion and reconstruction of the Amphitheater building along with the change of use to the
Świętokrzyskie Mountains Heritage Park
– value approx. PLN 20 million gross;
4) Construction of the Spa Park in Rakutowa along with utilities – value of approx. PLN 21 million
5) WKD ticket sale service through ticket machines located on the WKD line – value approx. PLN 4
million gross;
6) Support System for Disabled People (PFRON) – value approx. PLN 26 million gross.

My passion is also sport and e-sport, which also translates into support for players, clubs, organizations and sports associations. The invaluable experience and know-how gained in the field of sport and e-sport translate into the possibility of offering dedicated solutions and legal support. I participated in the negotiation of transfer agreements, new contracts or sponsorship agreements, which may provide invaluable legal and business support in this relatively young, but at the same time complex system.

In addition to graduating in law, I also graduated from:
1) European Law – LL.M. Studies, Utrecht University;
2) America’s Unwritten Constitution – Yale University;
3) Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms – University of Chicago;
4) European Business Law: Competing in Europe – Lund University;
5) Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – University of Management in Legnica.

I provide services in Polish and English.