JBP Law Firm provides comprehensive services in the field of European Union law.

As members of the European Union, we have to deal with the legal acts of the European Union.
These provisions are addressed not only to the Member States, but often grant certain rights to
persons or entities or impose specific obligations on them.

Therefore, understanding the principles of European Union law, arising for example from the
Treaties, may significantly affect the situation of a given person or entity. Skillful indication of the
impact on national regulations may also lead to an increase in competitive advantage or an
improvement in the situation. It is often because only basing one’s statements on the provisions of
European Union law allows achieving goals in contacts with public authorities or institutions.

The experience of our lawyers, gained as part of international support related to the application of
European Union law, allows us to offer the client solutions that adequately protect his interests.


Mateusz Brzeziński