JBP Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services related to the investment process (construction).
Thanks to the appropriate legal protection, conducting investments may be less stressful for the
investor and may allow for more efficient achievement of the intended goal. The money saved, which
does not have to be spent during the carry out of the investment, due to the proper preparation and
legal protection of the investment, may also turn out to be as important as the time saved.

Similarly, contracting authority can count on support at every stage of the investment – from the very
preparation of the investment (e.g. design), through execution of works, and ending with the final
settlement and implementation of rights under the guarantee or warranty. Adequate protection of
the contracting authority’s interest may be necessary for the proper execution of the investment and the achievement of the greatest possible benefits. Above all, however, we are characterized by a
business approach – legal tricks are not important to us, the client’s success is what counts.


Mateusz Brzeziński