Public procurement

Public procurement is one of the leading areas and specializations of our Law Firm. Many years of practical experience gained while supporting ordering parties and contractors in the public procurement system allow us to offer our Clients services at the highest level. We know that each Client needs an individual approach and understanding – this is the basis for actions taken by our Law Firm.


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Our lawyers have participated in one of the largest and most interesting public procurement procedures in recent years, in particular:

  1. Construction of the coal-fired thermal power station (1.000 MW) in Kozienice Power Plant – value approx. PLN 5 billion gross;
  2. Construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – value above PLN 400 million gross;
  3. Delivery of 123 new trams to Warsaw (with an option of 90 trams) – value approx. PLN 1.85 billion gross;
  4. Expansion and reconstruction of the Amphitheater building along with the change of use to the
  5. Świętokrzyskie Mountains Heritage Park – value approx. PLN 20 million gross;
  6. Construction of the Spa Park in Rakutowa along with utilities – value of approx. PLN 21 million gross;
  7. WKD ticket sale service through ticket machines located on the WKD line – value approx. PLN 4 million gross;
  8. Support System for Disabled People (PFRON) – value approx. PLN 26 million gross.


We offer economic operators:

  1. Support in participation in the initial market consultations.
  2. Development of a strategy for participation in a public procurement procedure.
  3. Verification of the documentation of the procedure in terms of the possibility of submitting an application for clarification, asking questions or submitting an appeal.
  4. Support in the preparation of documents, in particular applications or offers (completing and verifying formal documents, also in relation to foreign consortium members, entities providing their resources or subcontractors).
  5. Preparation of documents related to the procedure (consortium agreements, content of obligations of entities providing resources.
  6. Support in correspondence with the contracting authority (in particular supplements and explanations).
  7. Formal verification of documents submitted by competitive economic operators.
  8. Preparation of legal remedies (appeals to the National Appeals Chamber, accession, complaints).
  9. Representation at NAC, before courts or other authorities.
  10. Support in implementation disputes with ordering parties.
  11. Comprehensive analyzes and legal advice on the interpretation of the provisions of the Public Procurement Law as well as other related acts, including provisions designed at the stage of legislative work.


Witold Jarzyński
Mateusz Brzeziński